THE BRAND is the culmination of Fashion and Lifestyle. It is specially designed for the modern working lady who is stylish and confident, with a twinkle of adventure in her eyes. She wears what works for her and doesn’t follow trends blindly. Her style is simple and sophisticated, yet there’s this distinctive and quirky glow about her. ​ provides the quick fix to fashion and lifestyle in weekly snippets, while curating exclusive collections of accessories worthy of the modern sophisticated lady.

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Too many times we fall victim to society’s standards of beauty and lose our identity and sometimes even our self-worth in the process. We forget to embrace that we are different, and to look for the good in these differences. At Arva, we believe in encouraging women to explore and discover styles that showcase their identity; to express their own unique self. So keep exploring, keep dreaming, keep discovering, and always be yourself because you are beautiful.