At, we work with fashion bloggers around the world to showcase our products in their own unique styles.

Whether you’re searching for some style inspiration, or trying to find your perfect Arva piece, learn what these trendsetters personally handpicked from our collections and how they incorporated Arva in their style.

Cheryl Lim (Singapore)

Instagram: @shareroll

Cheryl is on a perpetual hunt for cake and bread while finding joy in clothes and shiny things.

Cheryl's Picks


Sarah (Malaysia)


Instagram: @smallnhot

Sarah is a Malaysian Fashion & Beauty Blogger at Small N Hot, which was created as an expression of what she liked and what makes a fashionista. She is a typical 5″ft Virgo baby that is constantly striving for perfection in life. She has just graduated from university and is currently pursuing her PhD to be an academician. (Source:

“Arva – Oriel Cuff Bracelet in Gold, pretty to look, beautiful to wear, lovely to be given as a gift and definitely a lucky bracelet too. :)” – Sarah

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Sarah's Picks

Pamela Wirjadinata (Indonesia)


Instagram: @pamelawirjadinata

Pamela lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and blogs about Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel, and Photography. (Source:

“I just received these beautiful accessories from and I fell in love with these beauties at first sight.”

“All accessories that I received have really good quality and comfortable to wear. I rarely wear earrings before (you can see from all my previous photos) because I feel so uncomfortable to wear them. However, these earrings from Arva are very lightweight so I can wear these all day long!” – Pamela

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Pamela's Picks

Jyotsna (US)


Instagram: @cuppajyo

Jyotsna was originally from Bangalore, India and currently lives in the beautiful SF Bay Area in California. Ever since she was a kid, she has always been fascinated with all things pretty and girly. She had been conditioned even at that age to match her hair accessories to her outfit, and will play dress up with her mom’s makeup and strut around the house trying to wear her high heels. Even at the present day, Jyotsna absolutely loves beauty and fashion, piecing together outfits from head to toe both for herself as well as others. (Source:

Jyotsna's Picks


Cindy Claribel Kalim (Indonesia)


Instagram: @cindyclaribelk

Cindy describes herself as an ordinary girl who’s living her life as a fashion blogger and style devotee, simply HER SATISfaction is in FASHION. (Source: @cindyclaribelk)

“The intricate details of the porcelain rose flowers adorned with crystal petals and rhinestone beads form the ultimate statement piece that will draw envious stares! The thick gold chain of this necklace is twined with patterned rope details as subtle final touch that completes the whimsical look.” 

“I love how they packed up the products so neat and tidy and on the other hand they also gave me a note on the caring stages. Perfect!” – Cindy

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Cindy's Picks

Joanna Soh (Singapore)


Instagram: @joannaspy

“So nicely presented!”

“Currently my favourite from – The Anka Stone Necklace”  Joanna

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Joanna's Picks

Samantha G. (Singapore)

Instagram: @societyofsnobs

“The Oriel Cuff Bracelet and Lova Statement Ring look absolutely lovely as a set!” – Samantha

Samantha's Picks