(Back in Stock) (925 Silver) Cherie Tiny Huggies in Rose Gold


Tiny huggie earrings with floral crystal details that hug snugly around your lobe. We love how simple and dainty design is!

* Please note that this design is small and may not suit larger/fleshier ear lobes. Ensure that length down from ear hole to bottom tip of lobe (with some excess) is smaller than 7mm (0.7cm).

– 925 silver plated earring stem
– Suitable for sensitive skin / ears
– Rest of earring made of plated brass
– Available in rose gold and silver

– Inner Diameter: Approx. 7mm / 0.7cm
– Outer Diameter: Approx. 10-12mm / 1cm-1.2cm
– Height: Approx. 1.5cm down

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  • 925 silver jewelry requires polishing to keep it tarnish-free and sparkling!


    Mini glass test tube can only fit small pieces - Not for cuffs, large earrings or large necklaces. 

    All individual gift packaging options below come with black gift box + blue satin ribbon: