(Back in Stock) Audrey Pearl Cuff Necklace


Channel a classy Audrey Hepburn vibe with the modern gold cuff necklace embellished with a string of classic pearls.

*DESIGN UPDATE*: Pearls are slightly larger than in photos – 1cm to 1.8cm across. Compared to old design (seen in photos) of 0.8cm to 1.5cm across.

Largest pearls on either end are slightly darker in tone than the other pearls.

– Slightly adjustable
– Pearls are synthetic and movable along cuff

– Cuff: Approx. 13cm across (slightly adjustable)
– Pearls: Approx. 0.8cm – 1.5cm width (New design: Approx. 1cm-1.8cm width)

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