(Personalized) Coral Marble iPhone Case

$29.90 $24.90

Add some zest to your iPhone with intricate and unique marble patterns painted in soft pastel hues of pink, peach and blue.

– Thin, sleek, lightweight design
– Quality matte finish
– Water resistant
– Scratch resistant
– Made of quality TPU plastic
SEMI-STIFF and slightly BENDABLE: This is NOT a hard plastic case
– Full access to buttons and controls
– Available in sizes for iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus

Thickness: Approx. 1mm

Customize it: Add your initials, name, or your personal mantra to embrace your individuality.

* Laser engraving involves using a high-powered laser to burn through the material, so surface engraved will be slightly rough and raised in a dark colour. Please allow for slight imperfections. No refunds/exchanges allowed. Dispatched ~2-3 working days after order placed.


    *STEP 1: Select Engraving Type

    In order of letter-size: Initials (largest) > Name (medium) > Mantra/Message (smallest).

    *STEP 2: Text to Engrave

    For heart symbol, type {heart}. Longer content = smaller sized letters.

    *STEP 3: Select Position to Engrave

    All engravings are centralized.

    *STEP 4: Select Font

    Scroll down and try out our Text Preview!

    STEP 5: Optional Add Ons
    *STEP 5A: Mantra/Message Engraving

    For any additional engraving, only "Mantra/Message" type engraving (small-sized letters) available. Max 20 characters.

    *STEP 5B: Select Position to Engrave

    *STEP 5C: Select Font

    STEP 6: Requests (if any)