(Back in Stock) (Stainless Steel) Mermaid Ear Studs in Dark Blue


We are absolutely in love with this Mermaid Ear Studs! Gorgeous streaks of blue, yellow, pink and even green are revealed under light and at different angles. Crafted in tarnish-resistant, rust-proof stainless steel for everyday wear.

– Patterns and colors may be unique to each earring
– Made of tarnish-resistant stainless steel
– Suitable for sensitive skin / ears
– Resistant against rust and tarnishing
– Available in light blue and dark blue

– Approx. 1cm across

In stock


    Mini glass test tube can only fit small pieces - Not for cuffs, large earrings or large necklaces. 

    All individual gift packaging options below come with black gift box + blue satin ribbon: